About the Artist

Coralie's motto in life is "think for yourself, be kind to others and build strength through adversity"

“Hello, my name is Coralie and I am the founder and artist behind The Portrait Shop. I started this business while on furlough from my day job during the 2020 pandemic, though I have been drawing since I was very little. I had my first portrait commission at about 17 years old which was a horse drawin in coloured pencil for a family friend. I fell in love with portrait drawing and knew I had found my art happy place! I settled on graphite as my medium of choice in 2012 and have loved honing my skills with pencils.

Animals and pets have been the main focus of my drawings, in particular horses as I was fortunate to grow up riding my own and have been very passionate about the equine industry. When I started The Portrait Shop I wanted to introduce people to my repetoire and started with simple line drawings of babies. I continued to develop my skills with this new area of portrait drawing and am now much more confident in adding more shading detail, as well as offering a variety of people portraits.

I love drawing and pour all my passion and dedication into each piece. When you commission me we work on a 1:1 basis to create a truly bespoke piece of art. I hope you’ll trust in me to begin your portrait journey here at The Portrait Shop.”

The Vision
The Mission

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