1. Ordering and payment

Head to the Contact page and fill in the message box to begin your commission. You can check out the Commission Process page for a more detailed look at the entire order process.

The message box on the Contact page provides prompts for you to fill in the information I need to start a commission.

Bank transfer is the most common payment method however I can also accept PayPal and card payments. Whichever method you prefer Coralie will send you details privately to make a secure payment.

All portraits require a 50% deposit up front, followed by 50% upon completion, plus postage and packaging cost and any framing costs if applicable.

The standard process is that all portraits require a 50% deposit up front, followed by 50% upon completion, plus postage and packaging cost and any framing costs if applicable.

For larger portraits or multiple portraits that incur a total cost of over £100, Coralie is happy to discuss a payment plan that breaks the costs down further. Please note, however, such plans remain at Coralie’s discretion and the total cost must be fulfilled before delivery of the final portrait(s).

If you pay by bank transfer (BACS) you will receive an invoice by email directly from Coralie which will detail the commission you have ordered, deposit paid and payments due. 

If you pay by card via the website link provided by Coralie, an e-receipt will be automatically generated and sent to your email.

2. Photos

  • Use natural light as your main light source, preferably diffused (like on a cloudy day), so the light is not too bright and washing out the details of the features;
  • The subject should be looking towards the light source so their facial features are highlighted. Avoid having them backlit which will put them in complete shadow;
  • Hold the camera/phone as still and as upright as you can so the lens is not tilting towards or away from the subject and therefore distorting the perspective;
  • Get close-up! A portrait of the face means the photo should be just that – the face! Get as close as you can so the person or pet’s face fills the camera/phone screen;
  • For babies and animals you will probably need a helper to assist in keeping the subject’s attention away from the camera to allow you to take a clear, natural shot.

When you complete the Contact form to start your commission, you can upload your photos then. If the photos are not right for a portrait, Coralie will discuss this with you further and assist in getting the best shot with tips and advice. You can have several photos for Coralie to use as reference and she can decide which is best for your portrait.

Reference photos are stored digitally on The Portrait Shop computer and Google Drive account. The photo may be shared alongside the completed portrait image on The Portrait Shop’s social media channels and website. Your permission will be obtained prior to doing this, and you may ask to have your photos deleted any time after the portrait is complete.

3. Delivery

The drawing process takes many hours over several weeks and the total duration can vary. Coralie will discuss an estimated timeframe with you, so if you have a deadline in mind, it is very important to provide this at the outset.

The Portrait Shop uses Royal Mail post First Class Recorded Delivery. Please note that recorded delivery just means the parcel is tracked and does not guarantee next day delivery. This shipping method is covered by a standard p&p charge for all portraits. If you wish to have the portrait posted by Special Delivery to guarantee next day, there will be an additional cost for this which can be discussed with Coralie at any point of the proess.

International shipping will be quoted on a case-by-case basis as it depends on destination and size/weight of the portrait.

Portraits are posted in manila card-backed envelopes based on the appropriate size (C5, C4 and C3). Previously, postal tubes were used but we found this had the potential to damage the portrait when being rolled or unrolled and placed in the tube. However, in the event of international shipping, postal tubes may be necessary to provide more security during transit.

Coralie has sourced eco-friendly packaging where possible. Each portrait package consists of tissue paper, stickers made with recycled paper, The Portrait Shop business card and a handwritten note from Coralie. If the portrait is a gift going directly to the recipient, Coralie can write a personalised message on your behalf.

4. Framing

Coralie does not provide frames for the portraits, however, upon request we can use the a local framer who provides a wonderful bespoke service. Simply get in touch at any point in the process and Coralie will arrange for a quote and estimated time for framing.

If the framed portrait is to go by post, it will of course incur additional costs to ensure safe delivery. Again, this can be discussed with your commission.

5. Cancellation

You can cancel your portrait within 14 days of the payment of the deposit and receive a full refund. If you cancel after the 14th day, but before the portrait is complete, you will not receive a refund on the deposit, and may be charged an additional amount depending on how much time has been spent on the portrait. If you reject the completed commission and do not wish to receive the portrait, you will need to pay for the portrait but will not be charged a postage and packaging fee.

Coralie is happy to discuss any issues you have throughout the process and will work hard to resolve them with you. 

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